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Into Clouds on the Hill

Amna Hashmi & Kaoru Maruyama

Amna Hashmi's manga illustrations of Kaoru Maruyama's poem 'Into Clouds on the Hill' first appeared in The Aleph Review, Vol. 4 (2020). Both the graphic poem and the original verses are presented below.


Amna Hashmi is a visual artist and art educationist, specializing in the art of miniature painting. Combining her interest in historical illuminated manuscripts with her love for Japanese manga, her work has revolved around her primary interest of storytelling and the recording of historical events, exploring the boundaries that exist between actual facts and the creation of myths—magical and collective imaginary spaces that are often neglected in present-day, media-saturated lives. Hashmi is currently teaching as an assistant professor in the Department of Architecture and Design at COMSATS University, Islamabad. When not imparting wisdom that sends the students to sleep, Amna spends her days dutifully obeying the whims of her fifteen cats.

Kaoru Maruyama (1899-1974), was a Japanese poet whose collected works were translated by Robert Epp. Professor first in Tokyo and then at Aichi University, he was also editor of the Four Seasons literary magazine. His books include Ten Years, Fairy Country and Heart of Flowers.


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