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H. P. Blavatsky

Rayan Khan

Untitled by Unver Shafi

No, the moon has never been vampiric and noxious in the way it exerts its

influence over the tides and the mad men in their white cages, no, the night has

never been safe and if anything the night is even more dangerous now that there

are so many more people and all the markets are saturated, and no, the dream of

reason no longer produces monsters but thralls, no, the most dangerous thing in

this world for those who seek to preach the good, mystic word (and no, that

word has always been bad, bad for civil society, bad for governments, bad for the

apathetic and shriven) is the mind-slave; no, the most dangerous thing in this

world is still the man, the European, the Epicurean, it’s the guy with the pink

cheeks and baleful eyes that are like augurs, like apartheid, like the first

gathering embers in a dragon’s maw before the fire blossoms out; no, you cannot

take the author out of their work and how many of you have tried this and tried

again only to arrive at the same, abysmal conclusion, that maybe, just maybe, you

should have done something else, should have chased the moon, should have

scattered your parts for Isis to find them and bind them back to some semblance

of coherence; no, too many scientists will remain materialists and this will

prevent them from hearing the spirit when it comes knocking; no, the finest

material was Muslin and it used to slip between the fingers before it slipped out

of history, and one day it will return to catch those who pillaged it and around

their wrists will it tie itself so deftly, so softly, that they’ll smile through their

incarceration, order the butter chicken and call it a day; no, the Koh-i-Noor

Diamond is ours, give it back; no, nature is progressive and you can’t stop it from

being good for you, for being good for everything and everybody; no, the spirit is

matter—at its highest level.


Rayan Khan works in digital marketing and writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. His works have appeared in several publications, including The Aleph Review and Vallum Magazine (issue 9:1) – to name a few. Rayan holds a Masters in English Literature from McGill University and because he is a glutton for punishment, will soon be pursuing a PHD at whatever institution is deranged enough to accept him. He lives in Montreal with his plants.

About the featured artist: Unver Shafi, born in 1961 in Karachi, Pakistan, and living and working there, set up his studio in his hometown after returning from Kenyon College, USA, with a BA in English Literature. His first solo show was at the iconic Ali Imam’s famous gallery, Indus, in 1986 and at the moment he is not interested in exhibiting at all.


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