Submission Guidelines

We thank you for your interest in The Aleph Review. 


Submissions for our seventh annual print volume (to be published in 2023) are now open.  The deadline for submissions is 15th August, 2022. The optional theme for this volume is Spirit. We recommend you visit our social media to know more about the theme.

A few guidelines to make it easier for everyone:

  • The Aleph Review publishes fresh, unpublished work. In this spirit, please ensure that you send us original work that has not appeared in other publications, print or digital.

  • Along with your submissions, please attach a brief biography of a maximum of 50 words and a high-resolution digital colour author photograph. Your full name (please ensure correct spelling!) should be added as a byline to your work, in the biography and in the image filename. Revisions to the bio after submission will not be entertained. Your submission email must have the following attachments: work with by-line and genre on top, the bio (50 words) and the photo of the contributor, preferably in colour. Incomplete contributions will not be entertained.

  • Send in your submissions (adhering to all rules) to:  

  • All submissions are to be sent in Microsoft® Word format using 12-point Times New Roman font. Please use double quotes for dialogue or speech and do not indent paragraphs. The Aleph Review uses UK spellings, so if you send your document with US English spellings, please note they will be changed. Any stylistic formatting, i.e., lower case used throughout or lack of punctuation, should be made clear. Label your files as: Full Name_Prose/Poetry_Title of Work. Submissions in any other format will not be entertained or acknowledged.

  • The word limit for prose pieces is 2,500 words. Poetry does not have a word limit, but we recommend keeping it to 47 lines. Punctuation and grammar rules do not apply to poetry. You may send multiple pieces for our consideration. In case of multiple poetry submissions, kindly send them all in one document. 

  • Please double check that any direct quotations/excerpts included exactly match the original writing/speech and any sources cited/footnoted are complete and accurate (including author/editor/publishers’ names, year and place of publication, etc.). Kindly double check all publication names in your bios as well. 

  • Please take care to submit your final work. The editors will not entertain any subsequent additions or ameliorations to the text.

  • The Aleph Review editorial team reserves the right to make or provide suggested edits (e.g., with regard to form or tightening the writing, if required) along with normal grammatical, punctuation and formatting changes. 

  • We allow authors to submit their contributions simultaneously to other publications, but you are required to withdraw your contribution to The Aleph Review in case it gets selected by another publisher prior to our acceptance decision.

  • Please note that our acceptance of your submission implicitly implies that you may not publish elsewhere until after The Aleph Review digital has published your work. If, after it appears on our website, and you wish to re-publish the accepted piece in another journal/book/online platform, please include an acknowledgement in the publication that it appears ‘Courtesy of The Aleph Review’ and also inform us where you are going to publish it. If your submission appears in another publication prior to the release of The Aleph Review, it will be immediately withdrawn from further consideration by us.

  • The Aleph Review does not provide financial remuneration for submissions. 

  • Due to our small team of volunteers, we are not always able to get back to all submissions with feedback. 


You may reach out to us over social media (@thealephreview on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or by email ( for any clarifications. 

Thank you!

Mehvash Amin

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Hassan Tahir Latif

Managing Editor (Print & Digital)

Ilona Yusuf

Associate Editor (Print)

Afshan Shafi

Senior Contributing Editor