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Call for Submissions: Volume 8, 2024


The Aleph Review is now accepting submissions for its eighth annual print volume to be published in 2024.



Our optional theme for the 2024 issue of The Aleph Review is: Water.


Water. The only substance to exist simultaneously as solid, liquid, gas.

Water, two thirds of this planet, two thirds of the human body.

Water, carrier.  Of life, commodity, commerce.   

Solvent, purifier. On earth, in body, in spirit.

Harnessed to moon and sun, pulling forward, drawing back.


This age of water, this lack of it.

Water as weapon in human hands.


Eligible submissions:

The Aleph Review is looking for fresh, unpublished work in English. We accept jargon and colloquial phrases in languages other than English, but not bilingual submissions.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but you must withdraw your contribution if you are accepted for publication elsewhere. 

Please submit your work to: (follow submission guidelines below).


Submission guidelines:

The deadline for submissions is 31st July, 2023. Acceptances will be communicated to authors by 15th September, 2023. If you do not hear back from us by then, you are free to submit your work elsewhere. You may not publish an accepted piece elsewhere until after The Aleph Review is out in print. Any subsequent republication must credit The Aleph Review

Word limit for prose: 2,500 words

Line limit for poetry: 47 lines

We accept one prose piece and up to five poems per submission. All poems should be submitted in a single document. Multiple poetry documents will not be entertained. 


Submitting your work to The Aleph Review signifies that you have submitted a final version. No further changes to your submission will be accepted. So please make sure you double-check everything, including names of journals, books, etc., in your bio as well as any direct quotes included in your submissions.


The Aleph Review’s editorial team reserves the right to edit your piece for clarity and technical correctness without sharing the final proofed version with you. Any major changes will be discussed with you before we go into print. 

The Aleph Review currently does not provide remuneration for submissions. All accepted contributors will receive a complimentary copy of The Aleph Review and will be entitled to purchase additional copies at a discounted rate directly from the publisher. 


Submission format:

Submit in one MS Word file, in the following format. Submissions in any other format will not be entertained.

  • Your submission/s (separate document for poetry and prose)

  • A byline with your name, brief bio (max. 590 characters, including spaces), a hi-res colour author’s photograph (300 dpi), your email address, and title of your piece clearly stated at the top

  • Use UK English spellings

  • Any stylistic punctuation or formatting for poetry and/or prose must be stated at the top of the piece

  • Label the file(s) as: 

    • For prose: [Name]_Prose_[Title of piece]

    • For poetry: [Name]_Poetry Submission


You may reach out to us over social media (@thealephreview on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or by email ( for any clarifications. 

Good luck with your submissions!

Mehvash Amin

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Ilona Yusuf

Associate Editor

Hassan Tahir Latif

Managing Editor

Afshan Shafi

Poetry Editor


Mina Malik

Prose Editor

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