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Adil Omar

Note: lyrics from the rap song 'Transcendence'

Take a walk on the wild side Establish who the author is

The one in the mirror, regardless who the father is See it from a higher plane Then you can leave it for the higher dream And if you notice what the dust do The tension and the lesions and debris won’t combust you

You gotta let the ground shake You gotta let the ground quake Bigger cortex, full power scholar Traveler, explorer, sent to scour farther corners The Watcher, exposed to ancient secrets in a blip of time

Before I taught myself to speak, I had the gift of rhyme

Before impediments and stutters had my lips reclined I climbed through a tunnel with a vision of a mystic kind I pick up the pieces from the floor And though I’m standing here right now I know I’ve seen this all before

Transcendence album cover

An excerpt from Transcendence appeared in The Aleph Review, Vol. 3 (2019)


Adil Omar is a recording artist, rapper, record producer and singer-songwriter from Islamabad, Pakistan. He released his debut album and filmTranscendence in 2018, while his second album Mastery, is slated for a 2020 release. He is also one half of the songwriting and production duo SNKM and is best known for his razor sharp lyricism, adventurous music production, off-the-wall concepts, wicked sense of humour and bold artistry.


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