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Three Word Paintings

Moeen Faruqi



as if the whole world had stopped,

a moment’s mute eternity.

Upon a scarlet skin

the window’s radiance

in a miniature convex glow.

Epicenter of space.

The locus of chairs and doors.

A table’s distortion

falls toward the fruit.

Two still apples

quivering and vital

in shifting light.


Tame the light

place it beneath the flesh

harness it in garlands around her hair

Subtract the shadows

they speak alone, in darkness,

veils upon veils.

Tame the light and make it grow

it will breathe on her face

scales of iridescence

Rings within crystal rings

igniting windows

that frame both sun and stars

Eyes aglow

redness around the ears

a shiver of blue on one side of the face

And beyond this skin

a scent, a touch,

an unsettled awakening.

Three original works by Moeen Faruqi


I call it 5 by 5

in honour of the feet

that made this canvas,

in honour of the pigments

and the powders in our souls --

The broken symmetries,

the distorted logic,

the formlessness of forms --

These will move me,

these will speak

once deformed to newness --

The narrative will become circular,

a rectangle twisted to a dream

without people,

without stories—

Through this I will speak to you


through the muteness of colours,

and the smiling glyphs and lines—

Honour the movement of brush


empty of purpose—

Only in doing

find answers.


Moeen Faruqi is an artist and English language poet living in Karachi. His paintings have been exhibited widely within Pakistan and internationally in Canada, Italy, Singapore, Bangladesh, UK and India. His poems have been published in various literary journals in Pakistan and abroad, including Poetry from Pakistan: An Anthology (Karachi, 1997), Dragonfly in the Sun: An Anthology of Pakistani Literature (Karachi, 1997), and The Poetry of Men's Lives, (USA, 2004).His poems have also appeared in Verse, Orbis, The Rialto (UK), Rattle (USA), Cyphers (Ire.) and in Vallum (Canada).


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