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The Children of Darkness

Rayan Khan

The title of the following poem refers to a now deleted tweet by Benjamin Netanyahu. The poem is published as an image to retain its shape. Netanyahu’s tweet is below:

This is a struggle between the children of light and the children of darkness, between humanity and the law of the jungle.Twitter, 17 Oct. 2023, 2:45 p.m., Tweet [Deleted].

How Much More Blood (watercolours on cancen) by Sana Saeed


Rayan Khan is a digital marketer and emerging poet based in Montreal. His writing, which spans fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, has been featured in publications such as The Aleph Review and Vallum Magazine. With a Master’s in English literature from McGill University, Rayan is an active participant in Montreal’s vibrant poetry scene, often found performing at open mic nights across the city. He is currently working on his first chapbook, bringing his unique perspective and voice to a wider audience.

Sana Saeed is a Lahore-based practicing artist. She completed her undergraduate degree with a distinction in visual arts from NCAin 2017, majoring in painting. Sana also learnt calligraphy and film making to enhance her artistic expression. She was received an excellence award at the Alhamra Young Artist Exhibition 2017 and is also a member of the Artist Residency Program at Shakir Ali Museum. Sana has displayed her work in different galleries of Pakistan, including Canvas Gallery Karachi, Full Circle Gallery Karachi, O Art Space Lahore and Zahoor-ul-Ikhlaq Gallery Lahore. She had her first solo show with Taseer Art Gallery Lahore and had her second solo show with O Art Space Lahore in 2021. She completed her master’s degree in 2022 and is working on her research report about partition 1947. Sana is currently teaching at the National College of Arts as a visiting faculty in the textile department.


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