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Adrian A Husain

It is passing - so quickly

taking breath away

with every breath

A friend, intent on television

in a moment gone

civility and gusto

old world panache

head lolling all the way

to hospital

They will surely


what became of us

when - and how - we went

windblown, sea-blown

leaf, grass

trickle of sand



sheer magic of it -

eyes agape, heads

at half-mast, arms fallen

Hawkes Bay by Hassan Tahir Latif (2017)


Adrian A Husain was educated in England and Switzerland. He did his BA (Hons.) at New College, Oxford. He received a PhD for a thesis on Shakespeare and Machiavelli from the University of East Anglia and authored the critically acclaimed Politics and Genre in Hamlet (OUP, 2004). He is a winner of the prestigious Guinness Poetry Prize. A selection of his poems was published under the title Desert Album as part of Pakistan’s Jubilee in English series (OUP, 1997). His collection of sonnets titled Italian Window was published in 2017. His next collection of sonnets, Knife of the Tide awaits publication.


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