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Guest Editor: Alainah Aamir

An editorial note from our Publishing Editor Mehvash Amin, introducing our latest guest editor for our website.

Our digital guest series is back, with the first guest editor of this year being Alainah Aamir, who will curate the website for May 2023 . I am grateful to our Poetry Editor Afshan Shafi for recommending Alainah who is a writer and aspiring lawyer from Lahore, Pakistan. She studied English Literature at McGill University and will begin studying for her Juris Doctor degree this autumn.

Browsing through the internet, I came about this praise of The Aleph Review’s penchant for giving young writers and artists a chance.

The Aleph Review is a young English anthology in Lahore that has taken matters in its own hands. Led by Editor-in-Chief Mehvash Amin, it engages in an open to the public submission system and creates an annual, cleverly designed, and carefully curated book of eclectic pieces.”

I think this piece in The Nation newspaper appeared before we started a parallel digital space that espouses the same mission of giving young people a platform while also archiving known and established names.

Such a young person is Alainah. I was quite impressed not only by her short story, which you will have access to in a day or two, but also the way she rounded up four pieces of writing and four of art for the month of May, along with her choice of archival pieces from our collection of Aleph.

Wait to read her selection, encompassing various literary genres.

Mehvash Amin

Editor in Chief


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