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Digital Guest Editor: Mina Malik

Mehvash Amin

We are happy to have Mina Malik as this month’s digital guest editor for Aleph’s website. As the days become hotter and summer attacks with a ferocity we haven’t seen in a while—or so it seems every year— what could be more appropriate than her meta-theme of ‘Summer and the Senses’? Mina has been a champion of The Aleph Review from the get-go and we are delighted that she is curating the website this month.

She is a writer and poet based in Lahore, living with her four children and one unruly dog. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Vallum and The Aleph Review, amongst others, with bylines in Architectural Digest, Scroll and The Nation, where she had a popular weekly column for five years.

Mina also performs stand-up comedy with a feminist-activist comedy troupe and dramatic readings for children. She is on the National Advisory Committee for the Centre for Pakistani Writing and has recently co-founded Risala, with our own managing editor Hassan Tahir Latif, a forthcoming literary magazine for young people. Keep following our social media for updates on Mina's website curation.


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