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A Love Story for All Times

Nadia Jamil & Jalil Jamil

Nadia’s father passed away in May 2023. At his Qul, Nadia recited a poem that he wrote for her mother. Here, a short note by Nadia about her parents’ relationship, followed by her father's poem.

Aba and Ama met under this tree in Nathiagali, in 1964. He was 18 and sitting under the tree on a bench. She was 16 and walking up the path. He saw her and fell in love, deciding there and then he was going to move heaven and earth to marry her. Later on, we all went and hugged the tree and he got her to walk up the path again, which she did, giggling away. When she reached him he embraced her and her laughter turned to tears.

They held hands in their sleep while they slept for as long as he lived, till the ripe age of 78. He wrote poetry to her, read odes to her, sang to her, laughed with her and cried with her. They were the best friends, lovers, partners and soul-mates and will forever be. I have never seen a love like theirs. Ever. Blessed to be a fruit of this beautiful union. My amazing, beautiful, radical, brilliant parents.

Nadia's parents: Nuscie and Jalil

May Allah bless Abu with the most beautiful gardens of Jannah and Ami with strength, patience and happiness. May she continue to live a life full of joy and adventure, with him smiling in peaceful joy down at her.

Below is the poem by Jalil Jamil, an ode to his wife.

This Little Sixteen-Year-Old Girl I Saw

This little sixteen-year-old girl I saw In the sweet smelling aroma Of the pine trees in Nathia one day With eyes like green ponds Turbulent yet dreamy With lips most kissable I saw And fifty years next I loved, cherished her With my heart, my soul Never a moment less So we have lived And kissed and cuddled, Wiping each others tears In moments of sorrow Laughing together in moments Of joy Dancing away nights, Fighting on trivia, Holding hands. Two stars we generated, that now shine on our Well-trod path of life. As I lie next to her— Late, late in the night Fifty years later, With my medical bag Filled with files Lines of age on my face Weak of muscle, In the winter of Our togetherness— As I lie next to her and Watch her beautiful face I cannot see the lines etching Her face, I cannot see Her beauty aged, I just see That petite girl Walking up the path Amongst the pines of Nathia With huge green ponds for eyes And the most kissable lips, Walk up to me and enter My heart, My soul, My life.


Nadia Jamil is a Pakistani actress, host and activist. She is a trustee of a school for financially deprived girls and is also an ambassador for Girl Rising, a project that raises awareness about girls’ education.


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