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The Puddle Became New Language

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Ilyas Kassam

Siobhan says there is a light on in the bathroom

Siobhan says if you squint hard enough you can see dogs fly

Outside there is a massacre

vegans are marching over the blood of a soybean

The communist are looting their skins

Siobhan says that governance is just a new variety of blue

The marbles fall to the floor

A mouse runs up to each marble and looks at its reflection

On the other side of the world the ghost of Picasso is rising

On the other side of Picasso an art critic is writing about privilege

God has taken a vacation and is lying on a beach in the Bahamas leafing through catalogues of Art Deco furniture

On the other side of the Bahamas the vegans are being massacred

They are all drinking Pina Colada

Siobhan says each wave has a placenta

At least 3000 people are drinking a milkshake

At least 300 people are slurping in an audibly rich manner

In Vietnam there is a storm brewing

Siobhan says language is a car bomb

Siobhan wipes her mouth

Siobhan says milkshake is best without milk

The mouse stops at one marble

The mouse has found its true self

The mouse is sitting on a beach in the Bahamas leafing through a catalogue of cheese

In front of me a car is speeding through a puddle, the water settles, I see a sky in the paving

The mouse clasps the marble

and scurries to the bathroom, buries the marble under a pile of tissue, and sneezes

Siobhan says tea is never not bleeding

The mouse is clasping the eyes of Siobhan

The mouse is collecting colour

The mouse is fussy with love

The mouse is building a home

The mouse is teaching a seminar

The mouse is labelling its biscuits

The mouse has the eyes of Siobhan

Siobhan says collecting things is mental illness making a film

On the other side of Vietnam there is a rainbow

At the bottom of the rainbow is a pool of marbles

In Kensington someone is sitting in silence

In Kensington someone is thinking about privilege

In Kensington someone is imagining a marble

In Kensington someone is dying of ALS

Siobhan says if you tilt this way the reflection is of the moon

The moon says please hold me

The wind says on the other side of the world a child is ridden with love

In Kensington a child is crocheting a scarf

In Kensington a boy is collecting his marbles

Siobhan says David Lynch doesn’t eat breakfast

Siobhan says when I was a child Ireland used to grow its own grass, now it is owned by the vegans

On the other side of Ireland a soybean is exiling its oestrogen

Siobhan says there are enough fish for the cats to never deny the marbles reflection

On the other side of the marble a cat is eating a mouse

On the other side of the Bahamas god is now arriving

On that side of the Bahamas the mouse is talking with god

On that side of the Bahamas they are sharing their catalogues

On that side of the Bahamas the Pina Colada is exquisite

God is making a cheese platter : On that side of the Bahamas God is redecorating heaven

Siobhan says she is collecting placenta

Siobhan says she wants an abortion

Siobhan says she is pro life

Siobhan says she is collecting ideas

In Kensington someone is frying placenta

In Kensington a small boy is writing a poem

In Kensington the rain has no acid

In Kensington Alain de Botton is polishing his Mont Blanc pen (it’s a fountain pen, it writes with the blood of Hypatia)

In Greece Socrates is swallowing a snail

On the other side of the snail god is building a castle

Siobhan says I bought you a cake

Siobhan says sugar is magic

On the other side of the Bahamas a witch is building a fire

In the bathroom the mouse is polishing his marble

Ireland was once green and luscious and fertile and endless and cloudless and sheep fell from the sky and the grass was marbled with blue and the sea was everywhere and IRA stood for “I really am” and god flooded the world with Pina Colada

And Siobhan says would you like to go for a swim?

And a boy in Kensington says yes.


Ilyas Kassam is a London-based artist and poet. His works centre around the notion of infinity and the role language plays within the mystical experience. He is the author of Reminiscence of the Present, a resident poet at The Public Sphere London, co-host of Karl Marx Does the Washing Up podcast, and was an exhibitor at the 2018 International Ismaili Islamic Arts Festival. His poetry has been published in collections by New River Press, Space Zine, Design Kompany and Rivista Magazine, and has been exhibited in Japan alongside the famed Misuzu Kaneko.


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