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Intern Recognition: Iman Monnoo

Mehvash Amin

Meet Iman Sheraz Monnoo, a sixteen-year old currently studying at Lahore Grammar School, Defence.

This feisty and motivated teenager joined The Aleph Review as an intern in the winter of 2021. By the time we went into printing Volume 6 of the Review, a few months later, she had singlehandedly raised a significant sum of money for our not-for-profit journal.

In fact, she is at par with another outstanding Friend of Aleph, Maha Usman, in recognising the validity of our cause to publish new talent alongside established names. But she stands alone in raising the very substantial funds that she did within such a short span of time.

We are hoping that she continues to work her magic in the coming year. Everyone at The Aleph Review wishes her the best in the future.

If you, like Iman, want to help us raise funds for our venture, or assist in disseminating copies of The Aleph Review to libraries across Pakistan as part of our Library Outreach Programme, then send an email to: with the subject line 'Internship Query', along with a brief bio and your interests. Other internship opportunities include social media content creation and press outreach.


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